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Friday, February 04, 2005

throw the ball throw the ball throw the ball throw the ball

The Murph Dog. Gotta love this guy!

Husband just cleaned out his car trunk & back seat, and he found 4 of Murphy's stuffed babies. (silly, brightly colored stuffed elephants, pigs, tomatoes, etc.) He dumped them all on our kitchen floor. Murphy loves the kitchen and the new cold tile, and will immediately run in there and plop on his stomach, tail banging against the ground, when we let him inside.

Tonight, I let him inside, and he began his usual bouncing and jumping and panting and frantic tail wagging. No adjectives or adverbs can precisely communicate the tenacity of his excitement when we get home.

He ran into the kitchen and looked BACK AND FORTH and BACK AND FORTH between all the toys, his tail wagging at light speed. He picked up one toy, then another, then another, then tried to pick up two at once. He finally just looked at us and then PEED ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

Like, "THANKS A LOT, Mom & Dad. This is WAY too much for me to handle."


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