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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

PS. No more haloscan...

Every time I try to open haloscan, my computer messes up. So, I've uninstalled haloscan & changed my template while I'm at it. Sorry I can't comment on your blogs guys! But I am reading them! :)

For template backgrounds, go to www.grsites.com. They have a ton! You have to play with your blogger template, everyone's is different. You will have to replace the url for the background in blogger with the new url you like. It took me forever to mess with, but it's worth the time b/c it's fun :)


  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger An American Dante said…

    Hey sweetie! Well, first off I really like the changes to your blog. Second, I thought the reason that you MADE us all switch to Haloscan was so everyone could comment on our blogs w/o being a member of Blogger. Booo! I am SUPER dissapointed that you won't be commenting on my blog. YUCK. None of your brainiac friends have any solutions? I'm sad. :-(

    An American Dante

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