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Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday night

My house was cold and still tonight when I got home from work. I'd turned off the heat yesterday (after $170 electricity bill last month), so the thermostat said 67 degrees. Brrr. I bundled myself up in lined workout pants, 2 long sleeved t-shirts, and a fleece sweater and I curled up in my chair with a fuzzy fleece blanket and my two kittens. (These cats, btw, are the most loving and snuggly cats I've ever met in my life. They also both purr an excessive amount of the time. I ♥ them) After watching 2 hours of Smallville on TIVO (Clark Kent is sooooooo hot, despite the obvious lipstick), I had to force myself up to work out and head to Borders for an evening of warm, relaxing studying.

What is it about bookstores? They've always been such a place of retreat to me. The quiet, jazzy music in the background, the warm colors on the walls, the subtle smell of new, crisp books underneath the powerful aroma of coffee beans... it relaxes me the second I step in. I ordered a delicious Ginger Peach tea and settled in for the evening. One of my favorite things to do when I'm alone is people watch. I watched the middle-aged women sipping their lattes over travel books, the two high school aged girls animatedly debating that is was absolutely necessary to date a boy for at least one year before marrying them, the long-haired earring guy reading a book on death, the groups of med students still in their scrubs, studying. Driving to Borders, I felt a little silly for making studying my Friday night plan, but the place was packed with students studying. I was in my element. I covered almost 2 chapters of neural development (learning about the transition from tiny egg cell embryo to mature brain/spinal cord, stem cell research, and the stages of neural development).

Came home for a long, hot bubble bath and In Touch (no Us Weekly yet, bummer), my soft cotton pajamas, and my warm flannel sheets. Perfect start for my weekend of hard-core studying.


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