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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Yesterday's synopsis

I woke up early and remembered my class was canceled today (*cue magnificent church choir singing Hallelujah!) and forced myself to lay down and cuddle with husband for awhile. He was so warm & snuggly and smelled so good... and I had just put clean sheets on the bed... *sigh*

Then we ran to Sports Authority where I found adorable gray/pink shoes in the girls section. They fit perfectly and were only $50, compared to the women's $100 non-pink versions. Besides one blister, they made me really happy all day. Then I went to my Neuro meeting at the Brain institute and discussed genetics presentation for Thursday (yawn). Ran to my office to complete boss's travel forms and gulp down rice & beans for lunch before my statistics class.

And I am pleasantly shocked at myself for working out yet again this afternoon. 30 minutes of step (NO MORE THIS WEEK) and 30 of sculpting. By the end, Crystal and I were both tired and silly and not trying much, but I rationalized that at least we were putting in effort & burning calories.

Fritz made a lovely comment this morning as I woke him up. I was wearing favorite silky bright blue nightie and we were laughing at something, and he looked at me seriously and said, "Wow, I can really tell you are seriously toning up. You look hot!" YEAH!! It is amazing the effect just 2 weeks of intense working out can have on your body & your self image.

This evening has flown by. We made shrimp stir fry for dinner, neighbors stopped by to take some vanilla pudding & fresh strawberries I made, watched Lost, then wrote horrible 3 page synopsis. Decided to update blog before I join Fritz in bed. I'm wondering... with all this crap I am constantly doing, when did I have time to study for Neuro quiz tomorrow? A girl just simply can't work for 16 hours out of the day. All work & no play makes me a dull girl... and a stressed out and psycho one.


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