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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Spanglish & Congratulations

Went to see Spanglish with Katie last night. I enjoyed the movie more than I originally anticipated. Adam Sandler is the big name actor(along with Tea Leoni, who plays his wife), but the stage was stolen by Paz Vega, the gorgeous Mexican maid. She was beautiful & captivating and I enjoyed just watching her the entire move. The Mexican women all wore the cutest clothes & skirts, another reason I loved the movie. I am easily pleased (obviously).

I took Chriss out to lunch for her birthday at Panera and enjoyed the time with her. Then went to the gym, but Cardio Kickboxing was full (bummer!) so decided to go shopping at Michael's and Target. My adorable madly-in-love neighbors are on a picnic right now, and he's proposing to her! So I made an equally adorable Congratulations-on-your-engagement gift basket to leave on their doorstep.

So very Martha Stewart of me! At Target, I bought new workout pants, a ton of cleaning/chlorox stuff (I love to chlorox things), $1.00 earrings, new sponges, a rubbermaid container for leftover wrapping paper, kitty litter, candles, and 2 new water bottles. See how absolutely random I am? I went in with the goal of buying chlorox spray for my kitchen and spent $75.


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