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Friday, January 14, 2005


Yesterday, I woke up in the morning in a wonderful mood. I've lost 2 pounds! Real pounds, not just water weight, I feel so much healthier already. The 3 hour nap I took on Wednesday in lieu of work/homework/gym did wonders.

  1. Neuroscience journal presentation at 9
  2. Did statistics homework due at 1:50
  3. 2 hour stats class
  4. "It's all balls" workout class (combo of stability & medicine balls, weights, etc.)
  5. Missions trip meeting at 6:00
  6. Make ziti for Real life/ Real Impact CVF conference tonight.
  7. Discuss meaningful relationships and love with C
  8. bed!

On the agenda today:

  1. 2 hour neuro class (*sigh* every day...)
  2. Submit purchase orders for our rat bills & laundry at work
  3. Cardio sculpt at 2:15 (although I'm SO sore from yesterday, may take the day off, but I'm taking whole weekend off for this conference... hmm... debates)
  4. Stop by Chriss's lab after class to say hi!
  5. Go home early to make garlic bread, then get to University Church early to help set up.
  6. Mail car payment.
  7. Work on grant background
  8. Do neuro homework for 1 hour today.

Yestereday flew by... hopefully today will, too. Gotta remember my Healthy Choice (50% off at Publix- I stocked up on them for $1.29 apiece!!) for lunch & red bull for class!! :)


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