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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

the rest of the weekend...

Saturday morning got off to a rusty start when Fritz hit "snooze" on the alarm (so he thought) but accidentally turned it off. As a result, we woke up at 8:30. Breakfast started at 8:00. We ran around frantically getting ready, which. I. hate. doing. I snapped at him for turning off the alarm, he told me to just calm down, I got irritated, and so on. We made up in the car after deciding we shouldn't go into our Christian conference pissed at one another. Once again, the group of 30 had waited on us to start (which made me feel even worse after the same thing happened when we were late Friday night). We started off with a devotional and speech given by this old man veterinarian from several towns away. He was just adorable and got teary eyed a few times during his speech as he talked about his wife and getting saved when he was 42. Then we separated into groups and went to different rooms for talks like "Thriving in the Professional Marriage," "Long Term Missions: Bolivia," and "Women in Vet Med: Issues & Tribulations." At the last one, all they talked about was having babies and families. It was honestly a little surprising to see the room full of beautiful, intelligent women struggling to make it through vet school but only concerned about when they could have children. Some of the topics weren't applicable to me (being a large animal vet while pregnant, etc.) since I'm going into the science/research field, but most women/career talks definitely hit home. It made me feel a little better for all the baby thoughts that have been flooding my mind this past year. They come and go, but I'm determined to finish school first. Otherwise, I don't think I would. Plus I'm terrified of becoming pregnant before I get into better shape- I am scared to become a huge person! Silly, I know.

After getting home around 11:00 Saturday night, we fell into bed. Sunday morning we woke up early to work on our tiling projects- the foyer and guest bathroom. We put in this gorgeous tan/marbled tile in the guest bath and are going to tile halfway up each wall. Doing the wall turned out to be more difficult than we thought so we put it off. My parents came up to look at the house next door (on the other side of us than Dan & Marg). They may buy it for my brother, who's applying to law school here. Then we all went to Atlanta Bread Company for soups & salads. I really enjoyed spending time with my family, it seems I've been too busy to recently.

Sunday night, we had our favorite people over for dinner & Scene It. I love our close friends, each for their own reasons. Dan & Marg, our neighbors, have become two of our closest friends. They are both so pleasant to be around, very excited about life and madly in love with each other. They rarely come over empty-handed, and can break any uncomfortable silence in a crowd easily. Amy & Tom, whom I've mentioned a lot, are another couple we hang out with a lot. Amy is a strong Christian girl, a DVM student, and marathon runner. She's happy and easy going and very low key. Her husband and Fritz get along great. We're going on the mission trip with them. Last but not least is Crystal and Devin. Crystal's my (psychic) best friend for 10+ years and like my other half. She literally completes many of my parties and events- she'll usually be my master planner and consultant from everything from tablecloths/tealights to the perfect menu. Devin is her new guy :) who plays on our soccer team and is Fritz's hunting buddy.

It was a fun, happy evening filled with a lot of wine, good food, and laughter. I spent Monday picking up around my house, doing laundry, walking Murphy for a long time, then spending four straight hours in the library with C. I got a good amount of work done, but not as much as I had hoped. I ate a ton of peanut butter M & Ms at the library then went to a hard-core workout class where I wanted to die and puke up all the M & Ms. The instructor walked around the floor and screamed in our faces if we weren't kicking our knees high enough or squatting low enough. Ugh.

Today: work, gym, statistics class, seminar, study for Neuro quiz tomorrow. Sob.


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