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Saturday, January 08, 2005

My half-ass attempt...

at exercising today wasn't as successful as I originally planned. Since silly freshman girls filled up my Cardio Kickboxing class (they're the ones who unfailingly quit ~3 weeks into the semester, filling up spaces for late-inclined graduate students such as myself), I decided to go running. With my new Dell Mini DJ and Murphy the Wild Dog. I switched on my specialized workout playlist (starting with my classic favorite, Daniel Bettingfield's Gotta Get Through This), wrapped the leash around my hand and opened the door.


goes my dog, who is attached to my hand. I stumbled out my front door and earphones flew out of my ears, swinging around my body as I struggled to stay upright and keep my dog from charging down the street after nasty stray cat who poops in my yard daily. This was the cycle of our 1 mile run: me run, him pee on various lawns and mailboxes while I try to tug him away, earphones constantly fell out of my ears (they SUCK!) and I nearly strained my back & sustained massive callousing to hands from leash.

When I got back to my house, there were 3 teenage boys playing football in my yard & neighbors yard. I pretended like Murphy was an attack dog when he tried to jump on them (hopefully they didn't notice his tail wagging in sheer delight at the sight of a ball being thrown in his yard). I yelled, "No, Dog, No!" in a really mean voice then apologetically said, "I'm sorry, you might want to back up, he's bitten before. He doesn't really like men." Smiled & let myself into my house.

Hey, I live 2 blocks from the ghetto area. The cars on my block were spray painted with phallic symbols 2 Halloween's ago (found this out AFTER we closed on our home.) One can't be too careful.

Not sweaty enough, I raked our yard (Fritz was pleasantly shocked) and ran back and forth through my house with laundry and piles that belonged in other rooms. That counts as exercise, right? 1 mile + 30 minutes yard raking + running in house + kickboxing kicks + squats while on phone with great grandmother (who reminded me that soccer is good for helping me "to keep the weight off," Thanks GG).


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