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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I love lists

Things I did Sat.:
  • Slept in until 10:30 and meowing cats woke me up
  • Puttered around my house in my pajamas all day. Went outside at noon & scared neighbors w/ my bed-head and glasses.
  • Finally put in contacts & put baseball cap and workout clothes on around 2:00
  • TJ Maxx shopping for two hours. I love TJM.
  • Church w/ Amy, where we ended up writing notes about how tired & stressed we are from school.
  • Amy's house for bellpeppers w/ cheese (our fav. snack) then...
  • Catholic Schoolgirl & Priest party that cops busted up. No, neither C nor I dressed up. Yes, we left after an hour to go see...
  • The Aviator. Loved it- Leonardo DiCaprio did a fabulous job.

Things I did not do Sat. OR Sun., but should have:

  • Gym (but I played soccer for 90 minutes straight, that counts)
  • Library
  • Go into work to finish stuff I left due to leaving at 3:00 Friday
  • Walk poor neglected Murphy who whines at the door everytime I come home. I did give him 3 treats yesterday, though.
  • Eat a rounded, healthy dinner. Instead, I had meringues, baked Doritos, tofu, and bellpeppers & cheese.

Things I did Sun:

  • Slept until 10:30 again. Had dream about running from scary people & hiding in tunnel with little hispanic girl.
  • Played one soccer game in 35 degree freezing ass cold weather.
  • Contracted severe hypothermia and limb stiffness (See above)
  • Cleaned kitchen
  • Mall with Crystal to help her buy a suit for future interviews
  • Pedicures as a reward for us working out 4X a week since January. Yeah!
  • Boston Market then my house for American Dreams & Committed.

Overall, it was a lovely, relaxing weekend- just what I needed! It left me with a renewed sense of purpose & drive for studying hard core before my neuro final Feb. 7th.


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