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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The 1st day of the rest of 2005...

I wrote this on Jan. 1st but forgot to post it :)

Went on long bike ride in surrounding neighborhoods with my little sister, Jodi, today. I was sweating by the end, since January in Florida = 80 degree weather. It was good exercise after New Year's excessive eatings. I've been going through gym withdrawal, since our gym is closed until January 3rd. While up north, I actually had a dream about going to the gym and doing squats, lunges, pushups. I was so happy and felt wonderful. There's something to be said about pushing your body into prime shape and challenging yourself. Not like my eating habits/ lack of exercise this holiday season shows for it. Just jumping on the bandwagon and joining the crowds who swear to go to the gym more as my New Years resolution! Crystal is a great workout partner, which holds each of us accountable if we don't feel like going. The only problem is finding convenient times we can both go. Damn full time job. Damn PhD work.

My cousin Paula was visiting from the Keys last night, and asked where we'll travel this year. I sent out a picture newsletter with all the places we visited last year- Hawaii, San Diego, New York, beaches in Florida, camping. Strangely, I don't feel like we're huge do-ers, but looking over our past few years Fritz & I have been together, we've been so busy. We've gone fishing in the Keys, camping on the beach, camping in the mountains, all around NY, DE, Philadelphia, Memphis, San Diego, Seattle, etc. This year we're going on a mission trip to Honduras (currently in the middle of horrible fundraising for trip, which is $1300, UGH!) and HOPEFULLY my boss is sending me to a conference in Holland this August. I'm keeping my fingers crossed- it has been my dream to go to Europe, and a freetrip? Can't beat that!

That's one of the major benefits of a career in science (besides the laid-back atmosphere, flexible hours, and potential for Nobel Prizes)- the compensated and numerous travel opportunities. My boss has given seminars in Belgium, London, Paris, spent an entire summer doing his sebatical in Australia, etc. He's been all over and says he's tired of traveling. Luckily Fritz is so supportive of my love of traveling, and wants me to go even if he can't go along. I'm lucky to have a husband who stands behind me and encourages me to succeed. I told him once I finish my doctorate, he has to call me Dr.Wife. He laughs and happily agrees.

My little sister is the perfect little sis- she's freaking drop dead gorgeous, smart as hell, and has a wonderful, kind personality. The rest of the day was spent helping Jodi with her science fair project, which is one bad ass science fair project. She tested the effectiveness of different hand soaps on bacteria growth in petri dishes. We made a recessed box complete with a stainless steel sink (aka dog bowl) and stainless steel knobs ($5 from Home Depot), and painted the background bright green with pink polka dots. She told me she was aiming for a Shabby Chic look... how awesome is that 14 year old? She totally rocks.


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