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Monday, December 13, 2004

work it, girl

Took Cardio Sculpt class with C tonight.

We'll rename it Christmas Hell, taught by Santa's little helper elf devil. She was short, tiny, and blond, her voice reminiscent of mighty Marine sergeants. She Hopped in leiu of walking, shouted instead of instructing.

Walked into the familiar beat of techno-ish aerobic music. Paused and thought, is that Silent Night, the techno version? Yes. It was. An entire hour of techno remixes of classic Christmas Carols. Complete with a choreographed dance routine fit for any middle school Christmas Extravaganza Show.

We started with the old "throw snowballs." This involved kicking our knees as high as possible, hopping, reaching behind our heads to grab a pretend ball of snow, and heaving it as hard as we could at the front of the room. Next was skiing. First was fast skiing, hip wiggle, then cross-over your skees. Hop hop! Then a grapevine, with our hands fluttered out to imitate falling snow. Then jumping jacks to look like Christmas trees. A hop/hand flutter to the right and front, tap tap tap of our toes, wave in the air and turnaround. "It's CHRISTMAS" Christmas devil yelled at the top of her lungs, "show some SPIRIT! Ye-AH!!"

These were all moves done in an 80-degree huge mirrored room, by a group of girls in baggy workout clothes and ponytails. If I wasn't struggling to keep up with the spastic little blond instructor, I would have been laughing hysterically. I really hope no one I knew saw me doing Sparkles! with my fingertips fluttering in the air, red-faced and gasping.


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