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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Where for art thou Romeo? say the little men.

"Miss Ghetto Fabulous," my husband said, laughing, as he kissed megoodbye and I bundled all my lunch, paperwork, and Christmas cardmaterials in my arms and climbed out of his car. He was teasing me forreplaying "One Step, Two Step" and pretending Missy Elliot's solo was myown this morning. This was not a private performance, either. Ryan was riding along and had the pleasure of my unique rapping skills. Ieven threw in a little shaking/dancing/bouncing routine for addedeffect. Not bad for an early, slightly hungover morning.

Bad Things Today:
  1. Headache
  2. Made stupid account balancing mistake and have to redo all last week's paperwork. Grrr.
  3. I completely forgot all feminine protection today. CRAP.

Good Things Today:

  1. Wearing bright red workout pants today... so of all the days to forget f.p., today is a good one.
  2. Whole box of Mini Gingerbread men sitting in front of me. I've already made them swim a deadly death into my mouth, do a dance to Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, plane crash into my mouth, and Romeo & Juliet balcony scene off my desktop. Here's to you, little men.
  3. Obvious from #2, none of my coworkers are here. All 3 labs, to myself. Peace & Quiet.
  4. Fritz is Christmas shopping for me today, Yippee!!
  5. Leftover couscous for lunch, mmm.
  6. Kickboxing class at 3pm. Buff booty, here I come!


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