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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

salon hair, turkey fryers, and peeking butt cracks

I love, love, love going to the salon for a haircut. Head & neck massage, strong hands scrubbing my head clean, and perfectly straight, blown out hair. A sweet-smelling head of straight hair will make my entire next two days just a little better. Somehow I can never get my hair to look the same as my hairdresser.

So it was with an uplifted attitude and lovely hair that I headed down to my hometown last night for the ceremony of receiving The Turkey Fryer, i.e. Christmas gift exchange. I have to say, Fritz was SO excited about this turkey fryer. I honestly wonder how often we'll actually use it. But he was turning it up and down, reading the "extras," exclaiming how "we could not only use it for turkeys, but for clams! and potatoes! and other things!" My parents were so happy with his excitement, and he was so happy, so I couldn't help but feel happy for the all the happiness. Plus we were watching the Grinch, and I learned What Christmas Is Really About. I am probably the Biggest Sucker in the world for Christmas movies. I even got teary eyed at Jim Carey's heart growing three sizes that day. Or maybe my happiness was the fact that my mom gave me not one, not two, but three boxes of new thong underwear. I have a really weird fetish for underwear. I love it! And I don't wear fullbacks. It did feel a little weird to keep opening like 20 pairs of underwear with my old dad sitting right there. My mom and sister kept giggling. Fritz was blushing.

We woke up this morning & my mom made us eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast. I think last year at Christmas was the last time I've eaten a real breakfast like that. (note: only ate 1 egg, 1 piece of bacon, and 1 piece of wheat toast, v. good on diet).

Went to Olive Garden with mom & little sister for soup & salad for lunch. While sitting at the table, this round, sweet looking elderly woman walks over and puts her arms around me. I wondered if I should know her from somewhere.

Me: "Hi!?"

Her: "Hi, honey. You don't know me, but I just wanted to come over and tell you something. Your low-rise jeans are slipping down, and we can all see your [[stage whisper]] crack!"

Oops! Thank God for my new, pink-striped cute underwear from V.S. This is one time I do wish I wore fullbacks, because the table of little old ladies behind us got quite the giggles out of my butt crack at lunch today. Not to mention my mom and little sister, who insisted on telling the story to everyone at my dad's veterinary clinic when we came back from lunch. Thanks, guys. And thank you, little old lady & Victoria's Secret.


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