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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Random Things

Things done today:
  1. Sleep catch up (slept in till 10:45 am)
  2. Complete outline of MAP-kinase signalling pathway, including color pencil schematic.
  3. Sufficient psychoanalysis of boys, movies, and life with C (during brief study breaks, of course).
  4. Target shopping spree break with C- (1 new dog bed for Murphy, 5 rawhide bones, 1 vanilla mint toothpaste, and 100 ornament hooks).
  5. Caught up on emails.
  6. Played with blog templates.
  7. Had dinner with gal pal Margaret, my adorable neighbor (vine-ripe tomato, fresh cilantro, and fresh garlic couscous, homemade by her).

Things I did NOT do but should have:

  1. Watch my mom and little sis in Christmas parade in Ocala.
  2. Nursery duty at church. Just didn't show up.
  3. Finish studying.
  4. Wrap Christmas presents.
  5. Do dishes.
  6. Laundry.
  7. Gym.

Things in my life that are broken:

  1. Cell phone- spontaneously shuts off.
  2. Car- filled with gas smell when AC turns on
  3. Washing machine- doesn't spin or drain
  4. Gas Stove- more gas smell, filling kitchen
  5. Laptop- took me 30 minutes to get to turn on this morning.
  6. Water heater- only lasts 10 minutes.


  • At 2:29 PM, Blogger An American Dante said…

    Uh oh sweetie! You better get that stove fixed, gas leaks can be pretty serious! Your kitties may start acting weird if they get high off that stuff ~ and then, you're next. . . . .Just kidding! I feel the same way, lots of things to accomplish, and I am just not doing them.


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