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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Oh, the people inside are frightful...

There was An Incident at TJ Maxx that somewhat shocked me. While perusing the poker sets, one hand casually resting on my cart handle, this little brunette woman walks over and starts pawing through my cart. While I am holding on to it. She picks up a little Coach clutch (since when does TJ Maxx carry Coach?) turns it over to look at, then starts to walk away!

"Hey! Excuse me?! What are you doing?" I say loudly. She pretends to ignore me. I walked over and snatched it out of her hand. Yes, I snatched it. Don't mess with me while I'm holiday shopping, you sneaky b*tch.

"Um, excuse me? That's mine."

"Oh... I thought it was just sitting there. I didn't think it belonged to anyone."

"In my cart?" [while I am standing there, holding on to it?] "I don't think so, lady."

Geez... I ended up not buying it because of huge non-removeable stain, but MAN!


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