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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

mentally exhausted

Am super genius!

3 hour exam, 7.5 hand written pages, 5 complex, detailed experiments invented & transferred to paper. I honestly don't think I've ever taken a more in depth exam, nor have I studied countless hours for one test like this before. I found myself thinking today (as I was riding the elevator to the 5th floor of the hospital and saying a prayer in my solitude), if I could do this, why did I think I couldn't make it through med school? I honestly thought I would never be able to differentiate these cellular pathways, or learn the gazillions of genes/amino acids/proteins/signals I learned. Amazing how we underestimate ourselves sometimes...


It's been a lazy, lazy evening at home. My parents came to a Veterinary association dinner in town and dropped my little sister off for the evening. We ordered Olive Garden soup, salad, and breadsticks (with alfredo to dip, mmm) to go, and I introduced her to the fabulous gay world of Will & Grace. Every 14 year old should be exposed, right? She loved it and giggled like a maniac. So did I, as usual with Will & Grace. I was a super sister and let her control my TIVO remote. (Oh, no, don't touch my TIVO remote. Fritz jokes I'm dating it before him.)

Now I've changed into my comfy pajamas and am going to cuddle up on my favorite green velvet chair and watch Spiderman 2 with my hubby. By the Christmas tree, all lit up. Then it's bedtime & time for the real stress relief. :)

*happy sigh*


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