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Sunday, December 12, 2004

lovely evening!

Car wash this morning to raise money for Honduras mission trip next year. It was chilly, windy, and we only got 15 cars in the 3 hours we were out. We made about $150, which was $150 more than we originally had. It was actually a wonderful time. I've never really socialized with this group, outside of school and meetings, and found them for the most part very enjoyable and funny. This older, overweight couple came with their huge black trail blazer. We washed it energetically and I chatted with them. They told me about their new puppy, their 8 year old daughter, their shopping for vehicles, how much gas mileage they got. They left and gave us a $20 tip.

Then Sam's Club for 2 hour shopping trip and $275 debit from my checking account. Yikes. Stocked up on apples, bellpeppers, toilet paper, laundry soap, Chronicles of Narnia book (it's been forever since I read those) and a $100 welded metal shelf for our garage. Aren't we so domestic?

Came home to frantically run around, unpack food, and prepare for evening's events. First, an hour of church with Tom, who was very excited to see us as it's been almost 2 weeks since we hung out. Church tonight was wonderful, the singing was great, and Christmas decorations were up. Usually I'm pretty nonchalant about the church services lately, but thoroughly enjoyed this one. We hurried back home to grab food and go to Lara's christmas party. I brought mini white chicken egg rolls, freshly prepared by Sam's. :) Her party was lovely, very low key and softly lit, with a big punch bowl of "christmas punch" (cranberry, apple, rum) which we promptly worked our way through. Since we were officially supposed to be "double dating" tonight with Ryan and his new girl, Red (I set them up), we headed out around 10:30 for the movies. My favorite neighbors, Dan & Margaret came along. They are the happiest, most fun loving, charismatic couple I've ever met. My energy escalates around both of them, whether together or apart. It's amazing I can look out my window and wave at them... so Cleaver family nostalgic.

By now, the evening was freezing cold, and my cute blue skirt and off the shoulder top were seriously lacking. The guys dropped us girls off at the front, where we saw ALL the movies in Gainesville were sold out already, bah! We huddled in a group and giggled and decided to just go home. In the car, R & R and F & I decided to rent a movie. Called D & M, and she says, "oh! we're already here, at Blockbuster! Perfect!" Giggles. Rented Chronicles of Riddick, came home where Margaret and I both changed into pajamas. Red stayed in her knee high boots & tight black pants, she is still a little awkward around everybody, it's tough for her to open up. (I thought she hated me when I first met her.)

Made popcorn, hot tea for everyone, and we watched the movie by the lit tree. It was a lovely, perfect evening, and I'm off to crawl into bed with my husband. Perfect ending!


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