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Sunday, December 05, 2004

holly jolly

There's nothing like trampling over store patrons and fighting for the last poker set to get me in the holiday spirit.

In a typical procrastination manuever, set aside my JAK-STAT signalling pathway coloring (yes, I recopy my cell biology book and color it with color pencils and markers. It makes me happy... so what?) and headed out to do a little Christmas shopping. TJ Maxx is a wonderful, heavenly place. I can happily wonder around in there for hours (similar to my feelings on Target, where I am jokingly forbidden by my husband to go by myself.)

Upon arrival, I noticed Very Angry Shoppers fighting for parking spots close to the front, honking and making rude hand gestures when denied the up-front spot. Never mind there were spots 3 spaces down. It just kills me that these people are so damn lazy they won't walk the extra 10 feet, and prefer to sit in their cars for 20 minutes stalking people as they leave. Most of them could really use the exercise anyway- no wonder Americans are so obese.

Alas... It always happens when I'm out birthday/Christmas/wedding shopping. I find zero gifts for them, 23 gifts for ME. ♥
  • New lacy black bra
  • Picture for front hallway(doesn't count, as will decorate home for many years)
  • Candy-cane striped t-backs
  • Green T shirt from Hot Topic saying "How many licks does it take to get to the center?" with the owl from the old tootsie roll commercial. Back says "We May Never Know."
  • Striped yellow/pink/green shower curtain in honor of plans to redecorate v. soon
  • Green fuzzy sweater w/ matching scarf from Limited (scarf was FREE!)
  • Kelly green hoodie from Aeropostle.
  • White sweetheart neck ribbed sweater from Aeropostle. Great cleavage shirt.

In addition to all these wonderful things I JUST HAD TO HAVE, nearly finished Christmas shopping.

  • World War II book for dad #2
  • Nice cigar for old dad #1
  • CK cami w/ matching undies for mom
  • New Gator flag for parents together (theirs was ruined in hurricanes)
  • Fishing clock for boss
  • Military afghan throw & Gator sweatshirt for in-laws
  • Hot Topic GC and Southpark keychain for little sis.
  • Halo 2, Simon & Garfunkle CD, a cigar humidor, new baseball cap, and new adidas soccer sandles for hubby.
  • Poker set for brother in law
  • Camoflage beanie cap and matching mittens for little 1-year old nephew
  • Cute snowman ornament for sister-in-law (in lieu of gifts, we exchange ornaments.)

Am in a bit of shock that I did not spend more than my $350 budget for all this stuff. That's right, BELOW $350. Quite the bargain shopper, I am proud to say.

Then headed to Subway for healthy-please-make-me-stop-getting-so-fat dinner to find out it was CLOSED for two weeks for remodeling. Who the heck closes down my fav. Subway during critical holiday eating times? Agh. So went to Subway in mall food court and got "accidentally" groped by creepy man while crammed in line. Yuck. Finished rest of shopping and came home, ate Subway while my cats sat at my feet and begged with their eyes, and changed into pajama pants for night of lounging studying.


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