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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Got a wonderful, blissful, uninterrupted 12 hours of sleep last night. Pure bliss. I didn't even flinch when Fritz left for work at 6:30 this morning.Feeling refreshed & energized, I've been cleaning my house like a mad woman. Here's my to-do list for the day:
  1. Clean out spilled roast beef juice that's jellied on bottom of fridge.
  2. Clean out entire refrigerator, throw out old/unhealthy foods and chlorox it all.
  3. Vacuum kitchen and living room.
  4. Organize cabinets in kitchen.
  5. Put away clothes from trip.
  6. Wash all rugs in house.
  7. Vacuum rest of house.
  8. Wash guest room sheets.
  9. Start healthy eating plan. No more coffee, only green tea.
  10. Pay bills.
  11. Write about NYC and rest of trip in blog.
  12. Clean bathroom from top to bottom.
  13. Clean up nasty kitty litter mess cats have tracked all over house.
  14. Take down Christmas tree & pack up decorations.
  15. Laundry, laundry, laundry.
  16. File old bills piled in office.
  17. Paint toenails & give self manicure after chlorox party.
  18. Call dad & stepmom to thank again for Dell mini jukebox.
  19. Clean piles accumulating all over house.

My next post will be about how I ♥ NYC. That will come soon, I promise. :)


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