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Monday, December 20, 2004

fry me up

Told my mom I wanted a pink mini Ipod for Christmas.

She replied, "Oh, The Ipod. Your brother wanted The Ipod, so we used all our Best Buy certificates and got him one for Christmas."

Me: "A normal or mini? What color?"

Her: "I didn't know there were options! I just brought in my shopping list, pointed to The Ipod, and said I wanted one."

Me: "You're SO out of it, Mom! I want one, too."

Her: "No, we already got you & Fritz your present. We got you a turkey fryer!"

Me: "A turkey fryer??!? Why? Ben got an IPOD!"

Her: "Now that you're married, you need things like turkey fryers."

Had to laugh at my mom's reasoning... she's a cute lady.


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