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Friday, December 17, 2004

Fabulous Friday

Going shopping in Orlando with Crystal today... stocking up on presents for everyone else goodies for me at Forever XXI. For that reason, I am thankful I have all my Christmas shopping done. Am not thankful for my incredibly sore rear end due to 75 squats and 50 high kicks I did yesterday.

Fritz and I have developed a new fitness regimen for myself. It involves me jumping around like a maniac, guard up, kicking at his face and nether regions. And giggling hysterically. He stands there and occasionally, very casual-like and slowly, sticks one hand out to block me. It's very Superhero-Power like of him. That's how incredibly bad I am. Then, after I'm panting for breath and all sweaty, he'll do one of his crazy wrestling moves and pin me on the ground in 1 second flat. I tell him this is good practice for me in case I ever get mugged one day. He seems to think this is all hilarious.
The best parts of my day today:

  1. Wonderful, best gal pal company to giggle with for entire 2 hour drive.
  2. $3 accessories at ForeverXXI
  4. Day off work!
  5. Only 3 more days of work until my 1.5 week break, YAY!!!!


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