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Friday, December 10, 2004

drinks, then church meeting?

After minimal work yesterday, went to Swamp for drinks to celebrate co-workers wedding on Saturday. Everyone was sharing pitcher of beers except the bride, who was drinking wine, and I ordered a red bull and vodka. (Thanks for the introduction to that pick-me-up drink, C)

At 5:00, I had a CVF meeting. CVF=Christian Veterinary Fellowship. I'm going on a missions trip to Honduras next summer with them, so we're fundraising, etc. now. I pull up to the Vet School, the new Trick Daddy song blaring on my stereo, spaghetti strap tie-at-shoulders bright bright blue tank on (was 77 degrees today in lovely Florida), and my favorite new movie star sunglasses on. The vet girls walking around gave me funny looks.

So I'm happy, giggly, and a little hyper. Bouncing in my seat to Trick Daddy, then Chingy. Who knows what drivers surrounding me thought? It's these new sunglasses. They turn me into a Different Girl. (Fritz made fun of me flipping my hair at him while prancing around our deck the other day. I was actually prancing around, flipping my hair.)

Then realized I had just gulped down a red bull vodka and driven across campus. Oops. (Well, one drink an hour is allowed. I know this because my husband does sobriety testing and arresting. Plus, this is not a normal occurance for me. And it had been an hour.)

The meeting was fun for me. I giggled at our speaker's stupid, cheesy jokes. I volunteered to man our fundraising carwash Saturday. Volunteered to make food for visiting students in January for Real Life/ Real Impact weekend. Piped in during discussion on setting good examples and said, "It's important to show Christians know how to have FUN! and aren't judgemental! and uptight twits!" More funny looks.

Maybe it wasn't the best idea to go to happy hour right before my church meeting...


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