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Thursday, December 16, 2004


Had Tom and the neighbors, Dan & Margaret over for dinner last night. We originally planned on 8, so after Fritz & Murphy picked me up from work, we let Murphy outside (into the cold, mean dog owners we are) and snuggled up in our warm bed. Ended up falling asleep till 7:30, then frantically running around picking up. I actually love doing this- having company forces us to do massive house cleaning that I probably wouldn't be motivated to do otherwise. Luckily I had most of the food pre-prepared.

We had salmon marinated in Tequila Lime, a huge salad of fresh greens, tomatos, crisp green beans, and bartlett pears, couscous with fresh tomato/onion/cilantro (Margaret made that), fresh asparagus, and eggplant (my mom grew it in her garden! I sauteed it with a little flour and Italian dressing).

During this time, we generously poured the wine. Dan & Margaret are huge wine afficianados. They brought 1.5 bottles, which we went through, and then finished another bottle in my fridge. ~woozy~ Fritz teased me because I got so silly and was blowing in his ear, pinching his nipple, giggling at every little thing in the movie. We watched SpiderMan 2, which wasn't as awful as I anticipated. I didn't really like the first one. I don't like Kirsten Dunst, and Toby Maguire's character is such a pu$$y and SO ANNOYING!! AGH! I was like, c'mon dude, just Tell Her you're spiderman, that's why you stood her up for the 100th time. It also really irritated me that unless he had his spidey suit on, he dropped everything and was a total klutz.

We exchanged gifts after the movie. They gave us a wonderful bottle of Moet White Star, a top of the line champagne, for us to celebrate New Years on our own, since Fritz has to work. Margaret said, "Enjoy this during an alone night, because I know you guys have to spend so much time apart." She is so sweet. We got them this funky, hand painted wooden chicken for their kitchen. She *loves* chickens but Dan never lets her buy anything chicken related. So they were very giggly and happy about that.

We made Amy a plate since she's studying like a maniac for the last of her 2 finals. Sometimes I'm so happy I didn't go to med/vet school. They have absolutely nothing else to do besides study, there's no other choice. It stresses me out sometimes just talking to them about it!

In summary, a lovely evening. I'm really enjoying this cold weather and looking forward to traveling up north for Christmas!


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