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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


My day ended appropriately last night. I decided make myself a nice, hot bubble bath. Started the bath and walked out to my sunroom to make sure door was locked so no one comes in to murder me while I'm relaxing. My computer beeps and I see my little cousin Patrick, who's 12, has IM'd me. We chat for a few minutes and catch up, and Crystal and I gossip about the boy she's dating, and I tell them I'm off to take a bubble bath.

All of the sudden, I remembered: My bath! Which was still running. I ran back into my bathroom, and of course, the entire floor was soaked, water almost to my ankles. Pouring into my bedroom. So here I am, running frantically around in my underwear and socks, trying to soak up the water before it reaches my bed and ruins the Pergo floors in my room. I used all the towels in the hall closet.The worst part is, by this time, the water left in the tub was cold and stagnant, so I didn't even get to enjoy my bath. So I put on my nightgown and curled up in bed with a book, ready for the day to be over.

Today has a much better feeling, even though Audrey Hepburn (a.k.a. Polypeptide) just vomited all over the floor, while pitifully meowing. Poor kitten...


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