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Monday, December 13, 2004

23 years OLD

There are these two little Muslim girls who live down the street from me & constantly come down to visit, asking if they can pet my cat, Lola. I'm usually working when they come over, so they pound on the door relentlessly and ring the doorbell over and over until I open it. I think they wait at their window to see my car pull up, then run down the street to talk to me. One girl said, "I've never met anyone who does as much homework as you." Trying to be a good example, I told her, "Well, homework is VERY important and FUN! Not only do you learn cool things, you could be a doctor if you work really hard!" They looked at me like I was nuts.
They asked if I could be their friend. I said "sure!" Then the 6 year old said, "wow, I've never had a friend as OLD as you!"


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