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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Why my day sucks.

  • Woke up late, rolled over on top of my kitten who was snuggling with me. She cried.
  • Couldn't find my bra
  • Walked into kitchen and it reeked of gas. Gas stove connection was broken. Opened all windows while still wearing nightie and saw creepy old man looking while walking down street.
  • Horrible, horrible frizzy hair day
  • Spilled coffee on white jacket
  • Forgot workout clothes and had to come back.
  • Dog cried pitifully in the backyard, pouting for being ignored. Felt guilty.
  • Arrived late for meeting. Everyone stared as I crept in.
  • Had to pee during entire meeting.
  • Went to osteoporosis seminar and learned my bones are rapidly disintegrating as I type.
  • Speaker pointed out my Diet Coke and talked about it being bad for my bones.
  • Temperature rose to 80 degrees. Which means I am sweating, since I dressed for the 50 degrees it was when I left.
  • Have 2 hour signal transduction class of torture today.
  • Then, gym and library, which means I will get home 12 hours after leaving my house.
  • I am so tired.
  • Fritz was supposed to find out today, finally, if he is off for Christmas. They postponed the news until Thursday. Plane tickets are increasing every day.
  • Scared, terrified of presentation Thursday. Praying they don't ask me any questions.
  • Asthma is bothering me.
  • Have lost zero pounds on diet. Could be Taco Bell dinner last night?

Well, at least it's Tuesday, which is one day closer to Friday than Monday... and hopefully the week will get better.


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