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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Wednesday recap

Went to library after work with Fritz and stocked up on chick lit books. He made fun of me because of my "cheesy books." I proudly pointed out 2 Amy Tan books (the only ones that weren't pale colored, pink, or with pics of men/girls on the front.) I explained to him that since I completely immerse myself in my PhD work, cerebral cortex and all that jazz, that my brain needs a little candy once in a while. He just laughed at me.

We went to Publix and I bought my first turkey. $25 for a 25 pound turkey. That is one huge honker. It's currently defrosting in my fridge and I'm praying I don't ruin it while cooking. I have images of serving my guests a charred black turkey with a pink, raw gooey inside. I'm excited about this Thanksgiving party for a couple of reasons:

  1. I love parties.
  2. This is our first married Thanksgiving together. Since I don't get to host it here (we're going to my mom's), this is my way of being a wife.
  3. I have awesome girlfriends, who are having as much fun planning my party as myself.
  4. Five different desserts. Plus homemade caramel corn. And loads of wine.

Our neighbor put up his Christmas lights and it makes me strangely happy. We'll put ours up tomorrow morning before the party. I'm debating putting up a few holiday-ish decorations but don't want to jump the gun. My friends already made fun of me for putting up my lit-up Pumpkin at the end of September. I can't help it, I love holidays. Show me cheesy Christmas movie with strong moral undertones and a happy family hug at the end and I'll become a blubbering idiot.

I'm a very lucky gal in the fact that my husband, as an alternate to the ever-popular mechanics or agricultural blocks, enrolled in 4 years of chef classes during high school. There is nothing more manly, or attractive, than a handsome military man with a very squeezable bottom who can cook exquisitely. Amy and Tom came over last night for our weekly dinner together, and Fritz decided he wanted lasagna. He doesn't just slap a couple noodles, cheese, and sauce together either. He carefully made the sauce from scratch (including fresh pureed carrots, garlic, and onion, stewed tomatoes and browned beef), and made a half ricotta (for me) and half cottage cheese (the way his mom always made it), topped it with slices of mozzerella and it was a creamy pile of deliciousness. I never feel like a meal is complete without green, so I made broccoli and Amy brought a salad.

My mother in law told me that growing up, Fritz and his brother would eat completely yellow and orange meals. Which is funny, because that's something C and I laugh about behind H's back. Velveeta, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, etc. He eats Pop-Tarts for breakfast, several mountain dews a day, will drink half a gallon of extremely sweet tea, and half a pizza. And still weighs 155 pounds. He is really, really skinny. He told me I nag him about his eating and light weight. I told him it's because I care. It's really because I'm insanely jealous that I eat salads, veggies, grilled chicken constantly and struggle to maintain my weight.

After dinner, we watched Elf (silly, cute, very much Will Ferrell's style) and Amy made homemade caramel corn. Halfway through making the caramel, I realized I didn't have baking soda. Ran across the street to the little old cat lady's house. And I mean cat lady- the place absolutely reeks of cat litter and urine/nitrogen smell. It's difficult to stand inside. She looked all through the mounds of Stuff on her counters, fridge, and cabinets, then asks me where one would keep the baking soda. She then called all the other old lady neighbors who she says she knows "very well." No one answers. Caller ID. All while I was trying to breathe through my mouth and not vomit. Poor little old lady... she really is sweet. She chastises me for being out alone at this time of the night. Finally found baking soda 6 houses down in the Yellow House. It felt like a very neighborly thing to do, running down the street with my measuring cup looking for ingredients... v. grownup.

Besides snacking on caramel corn (can't be rude to Amy's cooking, right?) my improved eating plan is working well. I couldn't sleep after Fritz left for work at 6:15 this morning, so I woke up and made hot tea and completely scrubbed down my kitchen. With chlorox spray. In all the little corners and crevices. I'm soooo happy now. So I've spent the rest of the morning watching the Today Show and writing the longest blog post ever. Not too bad of a start for a Thursday morning.


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