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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Preparing for holidays... 2.5 cookies eaten.

After I left work, I went to Amy's for a colorful dinner (red and yellow bell peppers with cheese dip, tomatoes with fresh mozzerella, and carrots). This was done to deter all binge eating temptations at Sam's house. Sam had a cookie decorating & baking party last night. Fun!

I am absolutely sick of my jeans being tight. Sick sick sick. Fed up! The pink X's on my calendar above my desk are sporadic, marking the weeks I work out consistently, then skip 5 or 6 days. Bad, bad girl. And the leftover halloween candy is almost gone. (mmmm milk duds!)

So, this morning, I started entering the food I eat into Nutrawatch ( it doesn't have the best food database, but it's free and you can add whatever foods you'd like). So, I had a rice crispy treat for breakfast? SO WHAT? And 3 veggie Boca Burgers for lunch. And loads of hot tea. I'm up to 800 calories and 2 meals down. Not too bad! Unfortunately, because of my cough, I can't really work out much, unless I hack up a lung while doing jumping jacks.

I feel skinnier already. Just thinking about it :)


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