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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

my eyeball hurts

My entire floor is basically deserted, with the exception of my boss, myself, and 2 Chinese graduate students. My lab is dead quiet except for an occasional "dochou shee won tau kon" or some other non-interpretable language (I swear they're talking about me...).

And my eyeball hurts. I think I've strained an eyeball muscle. Perhaps it was the dream I had last night where my cat, Lola, was getting sucked into a slimy hole in the floor while the end of the world was coming. I saved her and the other kitten by hiding them in my bathroom cabinet. Then I noticed my jeans were very cutely frayed on the bottom, while I was fighting off aliens.

Today is my great grandmother's 94th birthday. I called her this morning and she was in 7th heaven, fielding phone calls left and right and arranging her flower bouquet gifts. Usually, all she does is sit all day and fester about how she has no visitors, she's lonely, all her friends are dead, etc. It's really very depressing... which is why I hope I die long before 94. (Unless F or C is alive to keep me company, that is.)Hmmm... this is quite the morbid post. Bah.


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