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Monday, November 22, 2004


It's a good Monday... primarily for the reason it's a 3 day week! Yay!

Got to work this morning & had discussion with boss. [note: was a suck-up stellar employee and brought in vat of homemade turkey soup] He mentioned the email he forwarded me for a conference next year that is a possibility. It's in Holland. Oh my oh my oh my! I tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to keep a straight face and not jump up and down right there like an excited little kid. It all depends on available funding & the progress of my research, but it's looking good! This totally makes my entire week.

Saturday, I went with Crystal & her two old roomies to eat at Panera Bread and then to see girly movie Bridget Jones 2. BJ2 was funny and silly, but it was completely distracting how round Renee Zellwegger's face is. She has absolutely no chin definition, and doesn't wear makeup the entire movie. It seemed as if the directors went out of their way to make her look horrible. I thought she was cute and endearing in the first movie, but in this one, she had lost all self respect. Come on, I have curves and am in no way perfect, but still make an effort to look reasonably cute.

I have to go work do research on the Netherlands.


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