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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Holiday spirit

Party last night was a huge success. Crystal and her two old roomies from undergrad came early to [drink wine] set up. I wore an adorable maroon A-line dress with an ivory ribbon tied under the chest, and straightened my hair. Everyone dressed really nicely which just added to the holiday cheer. The lights shimmered in my sunroom, candles sparkled and scented the house with cinnamon, and my turkey (oh, glorious turkey) basted in the oven. Crystal brought a jazz CD from her dad that we played in the background. People began arriving and wine was quickly consumed. The house was just filled with positive, happy, holiday energy.

Appetizers (shrimp cocktail courtesy of C, and garlic stuffed mushrooms) were quickly gone. We drank and mingled and Elf played in the background. F carved the turkey, and people began loading their plates. We had peas and asparagus casserole, green bean casserole, homemade cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, ranch mashed potatoes, cranberry-walnut stuffing, vegan corn chowder (yuck), homemade macaroni and cheese (with smoked gouda, cheddar, onions), artichoke-rosemary-swiss bread, cornbread, salad, ham, and turkey. It was quite a spread. And somehow, against my initial fears, we managed to fit all 26 people into my sunroom “restaurant.” The room was filled with laughter and talking. It was a good feeling.

It was a night that reminded me how blessed and lucky we are. I felt truly thankful for these friends, these happy evenings, the warm hugs & genuine thanks from the guests as they left. Or maybe it was all the wine I drank.

We had a few stragglers who didn’t leave until almost 1:00am. By then, Fritz was falling asleep and I had already thanked them all for coming, packed up to-go baggies of food, and changed into my pajamas. These “Go Home Please” signals didn’t work well as the girls were all gossiping about people who had already left and finishing the last of the champagne. I just listened nicely, pitched in occasionally when it was safe, and cleaned up. Luckily, a lot of people helped pick up so it wasn’t a complete nightmare when I woke up this morning.

The house still smells like turkey in the kitchen, and cinnamon in the sunroom. I left the lights up and they are sparkling now. This morning is cloudy and drizzling, the perfect partner to my tired, slightly hungover self. I'm lounging in my green with white polka dot pajama pants and having a relaxing day... I think I deserve it.


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